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The importance of well written website content

With sites like Amazon, EBay and others often dominating Google (and other search engine) listings, it’s more difficult than ever for smaller businesses, no matter how efficient they are, to rank really highly and to have that high visibility online. So, it’s even more important to ensure that when a visitor does land on your website, that your content is compelling enough to keep them there long enough to either make a purchase or at the least, become very interested in returning to the site.

Low quality v high quality

There was a time, in the not too distant past, when all you needed to do was write a few sentences, stuff them full of your industry keywords and you had a chance of ranking well on the search engines. Since Google Panda and various other updates, this is really no longer the case and you are much more likely to be rewarded (although there is never an absolute guarantee) if your content is well written, interesting and informative. If the search engines as well as visitors to the site can clearly see that you are offering a high quality, well organised business, offering great products or great experiences, your site is much more likely to gain traction and build up a following, which in turn is far more likely to result in a higher search engine ranking.

Social media and your content

The power of social media cannot be underestimated and if it all possible, you need to make your business visible on as many social media platforms as possible – Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube are just some of them. If you can write or produce interesting content and promote it or display it on social media platforms, your chances of success can only improve. There are people and businesses that get literally millions of followers on these platforms – and your business may only need thousands or hundreds to be successful!

Does your content need re-writing?

It might be that your existing content simply needs freshening up. Perhaps it gets the basic message across and contains all of your information but simply doesn’t say it well enough to be interesting enough for potential customers to make that all important next step – a phone call, an enquiry or an actual purchase. Maybe you need to spend some more time dwelling on the unique selling points of the business? Maybe you need to make certain aspects of your content less complicated and easier to understand? Maybe your content just needs a little magic dust sprinkled across it to make it relevant in today’s demanding marketplace?

A simple refresh of your existing content could make a massive difference. Your business expertise combined with my way with words may just give your website the jump start it needs.

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