Hi! I am Julian and I’m your friendly, neighbourhood (Newark On Trent) web content writer and blogger. I have diplomas in freelance journalism and copywriting.

I spent 18 months working as a writer for an SEO company where I learned the ins and outs of writing with SEO (search engine optimisation) in mind and had lots of good results for articles I wrote whilst with the company.

For several years I was a featured columnist at the online writing community known as searchwarp (which now sadly appears to have gone to website heaven) and published more than 300 articles there.

A while back (when i had the time) I also had my own sports blog called Sporting Voices .

As well as writing to earn a living, I enjoy other aspects of writing too, such as poetry and other forms of creative writing. I write simply because I love too. I find this a huge advantage when someone asks me to write something for them. I can often help put a creative and positive spin on what might otherwise be considered a mundane subject.

So, if you are looking for someone to write for you, whether it’s website content, articles for SEO purposes or something for blogs, ezines and magazines, (most categories considered) drop me a line to get the ball rolling.

Carry on reading to see what people say about me or check out my brand new blog here!


Derek Booth of Sigma Web – Website SEO Services and Internet Marketing

In the Several years that Sigma Web has worked with Julian, his natural writing skills have been tailored to suit the ever changing world of internet marketing. Julian is a great poet and writer and his often quirky style of writing is perfect to use as link bait for link building.

He has a unique style of applying technical key phrases across a wide range of sectors and he uses those phrases in a clever way that make his content and articles stand out from the crowd. Julian also understands how best to promote his work using his strong author accounts and social bookmarking services.

At Sigma Web Ltd, we use different aspects of Julian’s work. He distributes work himself on our behalf, he also provides us with work that we distribute across our networks and he maintains blogs for us – writing the content, inserting appropriate links and managing any comments.

He also writes web copy on our behalf across a range of websites, even those that require an element of technical knowledge. He is an excellent researcher and he always includes valuable key phrases throughout all aspects of his writing.

We are and have been very happy with Julian’s work for a number of years and he plays a key role in our SEO and link building strategies.

We also gain extra value from Julian with the ideas for stories and on-page SEO pointers.

Bert Taylor – General Manager of Ningbo UK

“Julian has been writing content for our recently launched, new website. Ningbo Furniture stocks a vast range of products, including office furniture, catering tables and stacking chairs. Julian has been tasked with creating unique and informative content for each of our main product pages as well as many sub sections. This ongoing work is going really well and we have already seen some good results in the search engine rankings, which we are sure is partly down to this well written content”.

Eric K Eamon – CEO & Chairman of F.A.M.E Hair Limited

“We are the manufacturers of the F.A.M.E Hair Collections, a leading brand in hair extensions and clip in hair extensions and promote our product mostly online. We were paying thousands of £££s to marketing companies for web linking and on articles but had no or little result until we found Julian Price.

He is an excellent writer who enjoys his job. Not only does he write quality and rich content, he also genuinely cares and always shows interest in our SEO rankings and sometimes supports us with extra work when he thinks it will be helpful for our site.

He is a genius at what he does and we would never use anyone else… I will 100% recommend him to anyone. Thanks Julian for your continuous support.”

Sarah Lacey – Online Marketing Executive Durable UK (November 2011)

“I have used Julian Price’s content writing service for the last year.  He has written various product and news related articles for us, which have always been excellent and informative. He always exceeds the brief given to him and has never let us down. His writing style is easy and enjoyable to read, which has been perfect for our target audience.

I feel confident I could ask him to write in various styles and for various readers, knowing he would always produce an outstanding piece of work. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a reliable and experienced writer. I hope I have the pleasure of continuing to working with him in the future”.

Bruce Horst of SearchWarp.com:

“As the manager of a wildly popular writers’ community website, I have had the privilege of working with Julian Price over the past few years. I have always found Julian to be on top of the latest trends in writing for the Internet, and eager to beat his already impressive performance as a writer.!”

Currently on our website, out of over 10,000 writers, Julian is ranked as the 9th most popular writer for search engine referrals.

I have no hesitation recommending Julian for your writing assignments, I’m sure you will find him as reliable as we have.”

David Kerr, Founder and Managing Director of Watt Works – A dynamic consulting, training and business coaching company.

“Julian was commissioned by us to supplement our web marketing strategy with a series of articles on a variety of subjects. He writes extremely well and also cares deeply about the impact of his work. He is always prepared to go the extra mile and always takes the time to research the subject area. I would give no hesitation in recommending him to others.”

Jeremy Hopkins – Finance

I found Julian after looking for a UK based content writer. Although Julian was the most expensive of the service providers I considered, I decided to work with him as he was the most responsive and provided the best quality samples.
Julian wrote several pieces of content on finance related topics which I published directly to my site. Communication was good, as was the standard of work and I have used him for subsequent pieces for the same site.

Julian provides a good quality professional service.

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