Reinventing the blog – Important tips for beginner bloggers

Drum roll please! It’s finally here, the long awaited, eagerly anticipated, sure to be unmissable and fantastic new blog from yours truly.

The Past

What was here before? Well, some stuffy old article examples that probably didn’t showcase well enough my wizardry with words. I mean, they were okay, they did a job and told a story but I was falling asleep reading them. It was all very well intentioned but they simply weren’t fun, they weren’t ‘happening’ and they just weren’t doing it.

And then I had one of these… …and then I decided to do this…


The Future (and the present if you’re reading this today)

What you will find here instead will hopefully be up to date, interesting insights into the world (my bit of it, at least) of content writing and all of the important as well as the totally irrelevant stuff that goes into creating an attempted masterpiece. It’s going to be a journey of fun and frustration, ups and downs (mostly ups though) as I share with you the things that went well and the things that didn’t. So, essentially my blog will become a giant list of do’s and don’ts, especially useful for beginner bloggers.

Speaking of lists…

What are you likely to see here?

Well, you might see some lists, like the top 3 reasons to reinvent your blog

  1. Your old one was rubbish
  2. Your new one will be better
  3. Don’t you always hate being one reason short?

Just imagine if there were pictures too

I’m no graphic designer and no tech guru (though I am seeking help). I’m just a writer enjoying his writing but this whole blog lark can be very bland without a few quirky graphics to brighten the place up. So, watch this space (and watch your own too) as I throw my full weight behind the “Blogs should be beautiful” campaign.  A work in progress that one!

Swapping tumbleweeds for traffic

I told you earlier (it’s up there somewhere) that I was falling asleep reading my own posts. If I was catching Z’s, can you imagine how the rest of my readers were feeling? Oh, that’s right, there weren’t any. It was just me. On my own. Reading my well written but ultimately dull content. There’s the first real nugget for beginner bloggers – Don’t make your posts dull! I mean, just don’t.

I’ve just been through what I’ve written so far – and I’m still here. Awake. Positive signs. Things are looking up. Perhaps it will start with a trickle of traffic and when I’m really on my game (or you on yours) it will turn into a raging torrent of visitors visiting and customers clicking.

So, it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s to all intents and purposes, a new blog. Welcome and thanks for reading.

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