The world of poetry is in conflict – with itself! Traditional rhyme and structure or a more modern free verse – and those that practice them seem to be at war. To me, there is a genuine place for it all, there can be beauty (and ugliness for that matter) in all forms of poetry and art. Just because you have a favourite kind, doesn’t make it the be all and end all.

For me, poetry gives me a chance to be highly creative (away from the confines of a web writing day job) with my writing and love of words but also provides a range of disciplines with which to challenge myself. Ultimately, however, it’s about having fun with word creation, so let the syllable count begin!

Posted here (in the drop down menu above) are a selection of my own creations – some of my personal favourites. I hope you enjoy!

Poetry writing service:

Perhaps you would like a poem written for a special occasion (or even a special person) or perhaps you have already written one but are struggling with a line or a rhyme and would like a little help to polish it up in time for the big day? Please feel free to contact me and maybe between the two of us we can produce the perfect poem for your special day or event.

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