Secure Storage and Shredding for Businesses

Secure storage is becoming increasingly important in modern business as is the safe destruction of materials and paperwork that may be considered private or sensitive. However, storage in particular is not always so straightforward, especially in an industry that produces mountains of paperwork on a daily basis and the majority of it needs to be safely stored and archived.

One of the biggest problems can be available space. Modern offices are often small, offering little opportunity for any kind of effective storage system and yet the paperwork continues to mount up. You can’t just throw papers in the bin, it needs to be either stored or safely disposed of. With so much emphasis these days on data protection, it means that a solution has to be found to this conundrum.

So, what can you do when you can no longer close the door to the archive room without the paper following you out into the corridor? Despite the computer age, much of the paperwork is still absolutely vital. In terms of storage, one solution might be to consider storing some of it off site. With more and more companies offering this kind of service, it has become an increasingly viable option. Boxes, files and folders will usually be collected (unless you want to deliver the content to the offsite facility yourself) from your premises, transported to the relevant location and stored for you until you require any of the documents.

The benefits are obvious. With much more available space in your offices again, you can get on with the important things, like running a good business and earning money. You won’t need to be spending time (either yourself or staff members) sorting through all the paperwork and trying to get it to balance precariously in one of the offices.

The safe destruction of paperwork is also an issue. This can be a time consuming process, especially if you only have office sized shredders available. With the data protection issues, you simply can’t afford to throw anything in the bin, so it has to be destroyed one way or another. Just as you can now store documents off site, you can also have your paperwork shredded off site. A company will come to collect whatever it is you need shredding, take it away and destroy it safely away from your place of business.

So, there is plenty to recommend in secure storage and secure shredding and it’s clearly one of the best current methods of sorting out all
your documents in a safe way.

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