The Benefits of Temporary Stables

Although temporary stables are primarily designed to be just that – temporary – the majority of them are so well made that they will in fact last a bit longer, which can be especially usefully during emergency or unforeseen circumstances. Of course, the most important benefit, before we get into others, is that your horses are secure as well as being protected from the elements.

A temporary stable can be constructed pretty much anywhere that has a flat surface, meaning they are extremely versatile. Perhaps one of the most common purposes is for stabling that is required at shows, events and festivals, where an overnight stay might be required or even accommodation for a few nights. The stables can be quickly assembled on site and just as quickly removed, meaning that they are ideal for
these sorts of occasions.

It might be that you are just starting an endeavour or business in the equine world and you need to get underway perhaps before all of your permanent structures are in place. These temporary stables certainly provide the ideal accommodation for the horses during this period of transition.

Let’s have a look at some of the other benefits of this particular system:

Assembly is quick and efficient – If you order temporary stables, in most cases they will be delivered in “flat pack” style so it’s easily stored
(and transported) if you are not quite ready to build. Once you are ready, the process is really simple and may only take a few minutes to go from flat pack to finished product.

The frames are made from galvanised steel, so even despite their temporary and flexible nature; they are still strong and sturdy enough to protect horses.

Adding further to the versatility is the roofing system – If purchased for outdoor use, they will come with their own roof sections but you may want to build your temporary stable inside a barn, warehouse or large outbuilding in which case the roof sections wouldn’t necessarily be required.

All of the components are well made but they are also remarkably light, which makes handling and assembly really straightforward.

You can build the stables either back to back or side to side to best your preferences and planning.

So, there really is a lot to recommend this kind of stabling, especially in the short to midterm when they can actually prove to be invaluable.

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