Temporary Roadways Made from Ground Protection Boards

Temporary roadway hire has become a very popular and effective way of protecting vulnerable ground, especially when work is due to be carried out. You might often see these temporary roadways as you pass a building site and see the heavy machinery using the protection mats as a makeshift road. This of course can help vehicles from getting stranded in churned up mud but one of the main ideas is to lay these mats so that you don’t end up with a field of mud in the first place.

The ground protection boards, despite being very strong and sturdy (very capable of handling all of those big vehicles that need access) are actually really easy to transport and assemble. Once the job has been complete and the need for the boards has come to an end, they are also easy to remove, load up and take to the next job.

Although they are frequently used in circumstances as described above, for building sites etc, ground protection mats are actually useful for a whole range of venues and events. Summer music festival season would be lost without them and the many mud baths that are often witnessed would be far worse! Large festivals and events use thousands of protection mats for lots of different areas.

Very often, car parking will be staged in fields and mats will be laid to protect the turf from all of those tyre tracks and excessive weight. Catering areas or parts of the event that have stalls and merchandise sales will also often have protective mats over the ground. This not only protects the ground but also makes the area much safer for people to walk on. The owners of the land are far more likely to give consent to the fields being used if they know that all efforts will be made to protect the ground from trampling feet and heavy vehicles.

These boards are also useful for smaller events. Perhaps you want to stage a wedding ceremony and reception in large garden or nearby field. You can use the mats as a walkway to the marquee or you can use them to cover ground that might be used as a dining area or even for extra car parking.

So, with a non-slip surface, great versatility and speedy assembly times, your temporary roadway or protective flooring can really make a difference.

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