A New Bedroom Design For a New Year

If you have become a little tired with the look and feel of your bedroom, why not use the turning of the year to give it a makeover. Obviously, redecorating will be a good place to start, but if your bedroom furniture is old and clunky, a fresh coat of paint is only going to do half the job. Having said that, make sure that your paint job and any accessories such as curtains and carpets blend well together, so that when you re-jig your furniture, you will have a solid platform on which to build.

Ultimately, however, you will need to concentrate on your bedroom furniture to make the biggest difference. Over the years you may have accumulated a set of furniture that perhaps you didn’t always plan on. Some items may have been passed down and given to you by members of family, others you may have had to buy out of simple necessity, even though the item was too big or something you wouldn’t have normally chosen if there had been more time or a different budget. So, now might be the time to put all that right.

You might need a new bed as well as some new bedside tables and with each purchase, keep in mind your new design and your new theme, so that everything will work from an aesthetic point of view. Probably the biggest change you can make in your bedroom in terms of furniture is the wardrobes. Many of us are still stuck with large and heavy free-standing wardrobes and although they seemed a good idea at the time, they really don’t store anywhere near enough, considering the amount of space they take up!

Fitted, made to measure wardrobes are probably the best solution. Not only will they help with the room transformation but they will also offer a much more practical storage solution. Because they are made to measure, there is no wasted space and whatever design you have planned for your bedroom, you will be able to find a fitted wardrobe with sliding doors that will match your plan.

You will revel in all the extra space that has been created, even the doors themselves free up extra storage ability around the room, with no need to worry about opening/closing space. So, if you are planning an overhaul, you can make sure that new sliding wardrobes are central to your plan.

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