Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) for Motorcycles – Important Skills for Safety

The CBT or Compulsory Basic Training course has become, in recent years, the gateway for all new motorcycle owners and riders to go through in order to be legally allowed to ride the vehicles on the public roads. The CBT itself has been around for more than twenty years now and it is arguable that it was the catalyst for better safety standards across all forms of motorcycle travel in the UK.

Road accidents and fatalities resulting from motorbike related incidents have been reduced since the introduction of the CBT in 1990 and although the improved figures cannot be directly linked to the training, it cannot be mere coincidence that all new learner motorcyclists need to complete the basic training course before being allowed out onto the roads.

The training itself is not just about riding responsibly on the roads (although this is of course a fundamental aspect) but also about understanding your vehicle much better, which in turn will make you a better rider. Knowing how the machine works and how it reacts
under certain conditions are all part of the training. Safety education is another aspect of the course. Learning more about safety helmets and clothing helps riders to build up their knowledge and responsibility from the ground up.

The CBT course will involve plenty of off road training and tuition, thus preparing each individual for the time that they are permitted to ride legally on the roads. In fact, it’s now difficult to imagine the world of motorbikes before the CBT existed and any negatives that may have been aimed at the training are certainly by far outweighed by the positives. The training will always be conducted under the watchful eyes of trained professionals, ensuring that the atmosphere is responsible and respectful but also relaxed and enjoyable enough to learn without pressure.

There are certain levels of training and tests to go through if you are planning for a long life of motorcycle riding and the CBT should be your very first port of call, as all new riders (with very few exceptions) should take the course. The training itself only allows access to mopeds and motorbikes up to 125cc. For larger vehicles there are separate tests and courses. For those wishing to take their full motorcycle test, the CBT remains an integral part of the overall structure.

So, for all those looking to head out on the highway on their two new wheels, please ensure to check out the Compulsory Basic Training first.

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