Tapestries and Travel – Art and Decor for Globetrotters

If you are someone who likes to reflect your interests and hobbies within your interior design and decorations, there has probably never been a better time to give your home that revamp with all those little touches that will make it feel personal and interesting. Tapestries are one such art form which has been enjoying a popular resurgence in recent years.

Perhaps most commonly associated with ancient times and historical scenes, new technologies have enabled these “works of art” to be recreated for new generations to enjoy. However, in addition to the more classical tapestries that are available, the tapestry template is now being interpreted in many different ways and this has allowed the medium to be brought right up to date.

If you are someone who loves to travel the world and enjoys art that depicts places you have perhaps visited, cityscapes, landscapes or even maps, then you can also now invest in tapestry art that will reflect your love of the world and travel in particular.

You may even find that on your journeys and holidays around the world, that you are able to pick up tapestries as you go, giving you instant and fond memories of certain places. In fact, your wall decorations could even play out like a map of your own, a little slice of all the destinations you have encountered.

There are so many different kinds of wall art available these days that it often becomes a little too predictable and easy to just buy a print from a local high street store. Whilst the picture might be pretty and have your favourite image of New York City or a mountainous landscape on it, you can’t help but feel it’s not particularly as adventurous as you are!

Tapestries have always had certain advantages over the more inflexible canvas or print based art and being able to take them down, roll them up and move them to another location is a definite bonus. It also makes storage much easier if you ever need to move house. Having them rolled up and stored in the garage means they take up far less space than big pictures housed in even bigger frames.

In the past, there may have only been a handful of manufacturers and suppliers of tapestries but now that they are very much in vogue again, there are many more ways in which you can acquire your favourite travel tapestry.

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