Enhancing Your Guest Bedroom with Sliding Door Wardrobes

Those who are fortunate enough to be in possession of a spare or guest bedroom at home will know just how easy it is for this room to become the “junk” room. It often ends up full of all the discarded furniture, curtains, lampshades and boxes of precious items that would have been stored in the loft had it not been already full!

This being the case, it’s hard for this room to feel warm and inviting for guests when they have to hurdle boxes in order to get to the bed. Of course you could ingeniously use these boxes as bedside stands for lamps but that would perhaps be taking “minimal” a little too far.

Cleverly designed spare rooms can work well for everyone and there are a few items of storage based furniture that can make all the difference.

However, the process must be started with a thorough sort out.

Is that piece of broken furniture actually useful or just taking up important space? Should you keep those overpowering, dated curtains up at the window or would it be better to swap them for a wooden blind and a small window dressing to create a soft, modern touch. What items do you really need to store? You probably need to be pretty ruthless because all of those things that “might come in handy one day” usually never do and the local charity shop would benefit greatly from your contributions.

Perhaps the walls, doors and ceilings could do with freshening up before you continue to the next stage. Unnecessary items discarded and fresh lick of paint applied, you now have, in effect, a blank canvas. Once you are happy, work out what sort of storage will best suit the room. Are you desperate for rails, shelves, drawers or a little of everything?

Made to measure wardrobes with sliding doors can be a really versatile addition to any room. They can be built into any space, no matter how awkward, and can incorporate a range of storage options to work with your intended system. Sliding mirror doors can even make the room feel lighter!

Small chests of drawers either side of the bed are a good idea, giving you as many as six extra drawers for storage. As for the bed, bed settees can work well, especially if the room has a dual purpose and doubles up as an office. It will give a comfy seating area by day and a double bed by night.

Choosing a few items like throws, cushions and lamps will help to give the room a warm feel and your spare bedroom transformation will be complete!

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