Essential Match Day Checklist for Football Fans

There are certain things that are absolutely essential on match day for every football fan, whether physically attending the big game or keeping everything crossed from a distance. Here, we take just a brief look at some of the things to remember to increase both the chances of your team winning and for general comfort come kick off time.

  1. Lucky Pants – Assuming you get dressed before doing much else, then the lucky pants are a good place to start. Of course these pants are only lucky until your team loses at which point you have to go through the careful process of selecting new lucky pants!
  2. Check the game is actually on – The lucky pants, as well as assisting your team to dramatic victories, may also help to ensure the game gets the go ahead if there is some dodgy weather about.
  3. Essential Clothing – It’s time to go to the hallowed wardrobe that holds the rest of your match day clothing. The extra, extra large team shirt comes in especially handy during the winter months, when you need to get a thermal vest, another t shirt, a warm jumper and a coat underneath it! Two pairs of socks to stop your feet from freezing. A red and white/blue and white (other colours available) hat and a football scarf which will not only keep you warm but can also be waved frantically in the air during passionate renditions of team songs.
  4. Radio – This is pretty important whether you are at the match or at home. If you are at the game you can check up on all the other latest scores, especially those of your nearest rivals. If you can’t get to the match then the radio (perhaps as well as the lucky pants) becomes your best friend and you just have to pray that signal doesn’t fade in and out too much.
  5. Food – At the stadium, it might be a pie that warms you up at half time whilst at home, pretty much anything goes, but after all the stresses of the first half, refuelling will be essential to get you through the second.

Every football fan has their own rituals and ways of doing things, so you may find you need to add or even take away things from this list but at the end of the day (other football clichés available) your team winning will be all that matters.

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