Choosing New Bedroom Furniture

Buying new bedroom furniture is all about making clever choices and informed decisions. It’s also about knowing exactly how you want your bedroom to look when you are finished. A little creative thought can help you totally transform your bedroom from something stuffy and stale into something fresh and exciting.

Your overall bedroom scheme will of course be a major pointer as to the sort of furniture you will be looking for. If you’ve recently redecorated with something current and trendy then there are plenty of choices as far as style is concerned. If you are sticking with your old decor, yo might be more limited but with some decent planning it shouldn’t be a problem.

There are perhaps a couple of directions you could take:

Free Standing Furniture

Free standing furniture remains popular but is perhaps a little more difficult to work with and because it’s often so big and chunky, your bedroom can easily be overwhelmed and drowned. Stick with a small chest of drawers either side of the bed as this could give you at least
six drawers for storage. A dressing table and if you have the space, a couple of wardrobes will also come in handy.

Whilst the idea of an ottoman at the end of the bed might seem a little old fashioned, if done correctly, can work really well, looking stylish and giving you yet more storage options. An extra chair is always useful, but again only if space permits. If you are short of space and would love a full length mirror, try one that is wall hanging which will free up valuable floor space.

Fitted Bedroom Furniture

Your first port of call with fitted furniture for your bedroom should be sliding door wardrobes. They really can revolutionise your whole
bedroom design! With a never ending range of styles and designs to choose from, you will always be able to find something that fits your existing decor or your future one.

Wardrobes like this are effectively storage heaven! Whatever kind of storage you need, you can get it all fitted into the interior, drawers, rails and shelves are all possible, individually or at the same time. You can store clothes, shoes, hats or extra bedding without it ever being on show in your bedroom. The sliding wardrobe doors themselves help to create even more room, with no opening space required.

If your room isn’t particularly big, then select some wardrobe doors that have mirrors on them as it really helps to create an illusion of space as well as helping to reflect any light around the room.

So, whichever furniture route you choose, a stylish new bedroom is only a few steps away.

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