Freelance website content writer providing quality, unique seo web content, blog writing, article copy and other copywriting services, based in the UK.

The world of a freelance content writer is ultra competitive, with many writers and journalists all jostling for the same positions and same work. With online business becoming so important, it’s become essential for writers to master the skill of writing for websites.

Writing good website content has its own unique challenges and although well written work should always be the most basic acceptable standard, there are other things that need to be considered in order to be a successful internet writer.

I spent 18 months working for a digital marketing company, where I was trained to approach my writing differently and learn new skills to tailor a natural writing ability and tune it into the world of SEO (search engine optimisation)  and the even larger world of internet marketing in general. Learning the important role of keywords and key phrases and how to use them effectively and naturally within content that is relevant and focussed on a specific subject or market sector is quite different to any other writing discipline and is indeed crucial for any website to be successful.

How did the Google Panda Update impact the world of Content Writing?

Writing for websites is an art form in itself and there is absolutely no substitute for having really well written, informative, “on topic” content to represent your online business.

I further honed my writing skills completing training and earning diplomas with the College of Media and Publishing, who offer distance learning courses in a number of subjects including journalism, copywriting and web writing.

Click here for my article writing prices and rates. Below I have listed some of the many varied topics I have written articles about along with a few examples of the work. Where the subject is highlighted, click for an example.

Sports Writing, Sports Journalism, Beach Lifeguards, crisp sandwiches, Tapestries, Curtain Poles, Extreme Sports Equipment, Reusable Bags, BMX Bikes, Designer Jewellery, Data Cleansing, Postcode Lookup Service, Landscape Gardening, Media Relations, Branding and PR, Holidays and Vacations, Executive Coaching, Climbing Gear, Swimming Pools and Supplies, Sports (football, tennis, F1, cricket, rugby etc), Relationships, News, Current Events, Movies, Hollywood, Celebrities, Poetry, special occasions (Christmas, Easter, weddings, anniversaries etc), Health.

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